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Flare Fitness Movember Snatch for a Cause

Flare Fitness has recently opened their first females-only location at The Crystal Tower in Kuwait City. Flare gym has gained great popularity since its opening, thanks to their creative approach to fitness and their attention to detail in customer service. With such a wide variety of classes and timings, each member can find the right program that suits their individual needs.

At the Crystal Tower Location, members are able to start with a straightforward endurance program that allows them to develop basic skills and metabolic conditioning. In just 3 classes, participants will learn all of the fundamentals needed to progress to the next level and be ready to join the fitness classes of their choosing. The recommended next level of classes is crossfit, but don’t worry, if crossfit is not for you, the gym also offers Yoga and TRX (a body weight resistance program using various levels of exercise bands). Flare Fitness will also be adding Kickboxing classes to the schedule in the near future.

In addition to multiple types of workouts, Flare Fitness’ trainers are available to provide members with guided nutritional plans based on each individual’s goals and current health. Customer service continues even further through their ability to work with injured members, providing athletic advice and injury-specific training.

For those who would like to experience the gym before committing to a membership, they are always welcome to come and try the classes first. Memberships range from 1 month to 1 year, allowing for customers to choose the plan that is best for them. Once your membership is complete, registering for the class of your choice is made easy by the Flare Fitness mobile application, allowing you to see upcoming classes and times. Check out Flare Fitness for a female-only gym that is focused on helping their members not only achieve their goals, but exceed them.

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