Our endurance programme incorporates the CrossFit fundamentals of being constantly varied and is structured to seamlessly integrate any members wishing to move into the CrossFit classes after completing their fundamentals.

With the use of dumbbells, kettlebells and some strongman equipment such as sleds and tyres, pushing, pulling, squatting and deadlifting, our varied but balanced program helps beginners with their introduction to fitness.

Mixing between longer based workouts and short sharp AMRAP intervals to help our clients keep their intensity high in each session to help work towards their goals.


  • Flare Fitness, 5th Street, Shuwaikh Industrial Estate Shuwaikh, Kuwait City, Kuwait

  • +965 96999441  (For MEN)

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  • +965 96999442  (For WOMEN UT)

  • info@crossfitflare.com

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