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Reem Makhlouf

Reem Makhlouf Franco-Algerian is one of the Head Coach in Women MT.
Passionate coach, always listening to you, Reem accompanies you effectively to achieve your goals.
Her passion for fitness will lead her to practice it at a high level
At the same time, her career in the Algerian army allows her to supervise your sports activities in the best conditions of safety and well-being.
Sports coach since 2010, ex sprint athlete


Andra Moscu

Andra, from Romania one of the Head coach in Women MT, has been working as a fitness coach for the past 13 years.

Started this journey in fitness from a very young age by competing in Bikini Fitness in Romania. A medal and a first place give me the inspiration to work even more at it and to help people to exercise for their life too.



Melania Acuna

Melania is a Costarican National.

She is the head coach of Flare Women Downtown and Uptown branch. Coaching and teaching always been my passion. My focus is to pass on my excitement for fitness and help each client to reach their goal with proper knowledge, discipline and encouragement base around a personalized program.

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